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Starting a New Leg

Journey Legs

Your journey is made up of individual sections called legs. This page will guide you through creating a new leg for your journey. If this is your first leg then you will be automatically taken to the “New Leg” screen – otherwise you can press the “New Leg” button on the “Journey Details” screen.

New Leg Screen

Step 1 – Leg Title

You need to provide the title for this leg of your journey.

Leg title screen

Step 2 – Leg Description

The description field is optional and allows you to provide additional information about the leg. Keep it concise and informative.

Leg description screen

Step 3 – Location Mask

You can set a location mask for the beginning and end points of your leg. This allows you to choose a radius around the start and end points of your leg within which the track drawn on the map will not appear – more details.

Step 4 – Mode of Transport

On this screen you can select the mode of transport that you will be using to begin your leg. You can switch between different modes of transport as you travel.

Mode of transport screen

Step 5 – Location Tracking

When starting a new leg, you have the option to begin tracking your journey right away or leave tracking off until you’re ready to start. You can also switch tracking on and off as needed while traveling.

If you’re an Explorer Member, you can enable live location tracking mode which will update your position on the map in real-time.

Place a Pebbl

Once you have created your new leg you can then place a pebbl.

Updated on 13 September 2023

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