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Location Masking

When tracking your journeys on Pebbls, you have the option to mask your location. This feature is available to all users and can help you protect your privacy by hiding private locations like your home, a wild camping spot, or a secret surf break

Pebbls offers two types of location masking: Pebbl location masking and start/end location masking.

Pebbl Location Masking

Pebbl location masking allows you to hide the exact location of a Pebbl that you’ve placed. When using this feature in the Pebbls tracking app, you can set the Pebbl mask radius. The location of the Pebbl will then be randomized within this distance range, giving you additional privacy. Use this feature to mask your Pebbl’s precise location and maintain your privacy while sharing your journey with others on Pebbls.

Pebbl location mask preview

Start & End Location Masking

In the Pebbls tracking app, you can set a location mask for the beginning and end points of each leg of your journey. This feature allows you to choose a radius around the start and end points of your leg within which the track drawn on the map will not appear.

Leg location mask preview

You cannot mask the end of your leg if you also have live location enabled.

Updated on 14 April 2023
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