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The “Edit Pebbl” page in Pebbls provides the tools you need to customize each Pebbl, which represents a unique highlight or event within your journey. Here’s a guide to what you can do on the Edit Pebbl page.

Pebbl Details

Title: This is the main heading for your Pebbl. Be sure to choose a title that captures the essence of this particular highlight of your journey.

Pebbl Text (optional): In this field, you can add any additional information, experiences, or thoughts related to this Pebbl. While this is an optional feature, using it helps to provide context and enriches your journey’s narrative.


Adjust Location

This feature allows you to set or change the exact location of your Pebbl on the journey map. You must be connected to the internet to adjust the location of your Pebbl.

Pebbl Location

Location Mask

Pebbl location masking allows you to hide the exact location of a Pebbl that you’ve placed. When using this feature in the Pebbls tracking app, you can set the Pebbl mask radius. The location of the Pebbl will then be randomized within this distance range, giving you additional privacy. Use this feature to mask your Pebbl’s precise location and maintain your privacy while sharing your journey with others on Pebbls.


You can add up to 5 media items to each of your Pebbls. You can add a mix of photos and videos to share a comprehensive picture of your experience.

Pebbls Media

When considering what media to add, here are some tips to help you capture your adventure beyond the usual holiday snapshots:

Capture the Environment: Highlight the beautiful and unique surroundings of your adventure. Whether it’s a sweeping landscape, bustling city streets, or hidden nooks of nature, these images can truly convey the atmosphere of your journey.

Detail Shots: Don’t forget to take close-ups of interesting details, such as unique flora and fauna, architectural elements, local cuisine, or cultural artifacts. These shots can provide a more immersive experience for your followers.

Action Shots: If possible, try to capture yourself or your travel companions in the midst of activity – such as hiking up a hill, cycling down a path, or exploring a local market. This not only showcases the action and adventure but also adds a human element to your journey.

Sunrise/Sunset: Photos taken during the “golden hours” – shortly after sunrise or before sunset – often have a warm, soft light that can make your images look more professional and captivating.

Tell a Story: Remember, each piece of media you add to your Pebbls contributes to the narrative of your journey. Try to select images and videos that help to tell your story, rather than simply being good standalone pieces.

Keep it Authentic: While it’s important to strive for quality, don’t let the pursuit of the ‘perfect shot’ take away from the authenticity of your experience. Sometimes, the most meaningful photos are the candid ones that capture genuine moments.

Time & Date

Time & Date: Here you can set or adjust the time of this Pebbl. The time and date that you set will determine the order in which the Pebbls are shown on your journey timeline.

Pebbl time & date


After making all the changes, remember to tap the ‘Save Pebbl’ button to ensure your Pebbl is updated.

Updated on 12 July 2023
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