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App Settings

The settings screen of the Pebbls tracking app can be found within the main menu, and offers several options that can be configured according to your personal preferences.

Tracking Mode

The live tracking feature in Pebbls allows you to share your journey in real-time with others as you travel. This feature updates your map dynamically as you move, giving others a real-time view of your progress. To learn more about how to use live tracking and its benefits, click here.

Live Tracking Option

Data Sync Frequency

You can control how often the Pebbls tracking app uploads your location data and Pebbls data to your online map by setting the data sync frequency. This feature allows you to choose the frequency at which your data is automatically synced, and can help to save battery by reducing the frequency of uploads. Please note that you will need to be connected to the internet for your data to sync.

Data sync settings

Upload Media Connection

When using the Pebbls tracking app, you can choose to upload your data using either “Any Connection” or “WiFi Only“. This feature allows you to control how your data is uploaded to Pebbls and can help you save data if you’re on a mobile network with data charges. By selecting “WiFi Only“, your data will only be uploaded when your device is connected to a WiFi network, while “Any Connection” will allow uploads to occur using any available internet connection.

Distance Units

You can choose your preferred distance units by selecting either “km/m” for kilometers and meters, or “mi/ft” for miles and feet. Use this feature to set if you would prefer to see metric or imperial units.

Distance units setting
Updated on 25 April 2023
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