Tracking Mode

When tracking your journey you can select from two tracking modes: Standard Tracking and Live Tracking. Both modes track your journey with the same detail however Standard Tracking provides periodic updates of your location to your Pebbls map, while Live Tracking provides real-time updates (when data connection is available).

Standard Tracking

When using standard tracking mode, your route is tracked as you travel, and the location data is stored on your device. Pebbls will periodically attempt to upload your location data at set intervals, which can be configured on the settings screen by selecting the ‘Data Sync Frequency’ option. This mode consumes less battery power than live tracking, making it ideal for extended trips or journeys where power may be limited.

Live Tracking

This is an Explorer Membership feature.

With live tracking you can share your journey in real-time as you travel, and your map will update dynamically as you move. If live tracking is disabled your route map will be updated periodically in batches at the interval you specify on the “data sync frequency” option on the app settings screen.

When viewers access your map, they can select the “Automatic Follow” option located in the top left corner, allowing the map to move along with your journey in real-time.

Managing Live Tracking

Live tracking can’t be enabled if you also have end of leg location mask enabled.

Enable From the Settings Screen

To enable live tracking in the Pebbls tracking app, simply go to the settings screen and tap on the “Live Tracking” option. With live tracking enabled, your current location will be continuously updated on the map in real-time whenever you have tracking enabled and data connection available.

Live Tracking Option

Enable From the Main Screen

You can also enable live tracking from the main screen by long-pressing the location tracking toggle switch.

This will open the tracking mode settings box from where you can enable and disable live tracking.

Live location toggle switch.
Live Tracking Option

Enable From the Main Screen

When live tracking is enabled and you are actively tracking your journey, the status label of the main tracking toggle switch will have a blue background and display the word “LIVE“.

Live location enabled.

If you are in standard tracking mode (i.e. “live tracking” disabled) the main tracking toggle switch will have a grey background and display the word “ON“.

Live location toggle switch.

The live tracking feature in the Pebbls tracking app will only update your location on the map in real-time when you’re connected to the internet.

Live tracking will use more battery than standard tracking due to the increased data usage required to continuously update your location.

Updated on 26 April 2023
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