Edit Leg

The “Edit Leg” page allows you to customize and update each specific segment, or ‘leg’, of your journey in Pebbls. This feature provides you the ability to alter various aspects of your journey leg, such as its title, description, location mask, Pebbls, and GPS track.

Leg Details

Title: This field allows you to provide a name for your leg. Using a descriptive title can help you and others understand the nature of this segment of your adventure at a glance.

Description (optional): Here you can add further detail about this leg of your journey. This could include any interesting details that might be of interest to those viewing your journey. While this field is optional, adding a description can enrich the story of your journey.

Location Mask

You can set a location mask for the beginning and end points of each leg of your journey. This feature allows you to choose a radius around the start and end points of your leg within which the track drawn on the map will not appear.

Location Mask

Leg Editor

Edit Pebbls: Tap this to add, modify, or remove the Pebbls associated with this leg of your journey.

Edit GPS Track: This feature allows you to modify the GPS track for this leg of your journey, ensuring an accurate representation of your route.

Strava & GPX

Add to Strava: If you have a Strava account, you can use this option to directly add this leg of your journey to your Strava activities.

Download GPX: Tap this to download the GPS data (in GPX format) for this leg of your journey. This file can be useful for sharing, archiving, or using in other GPS-compatible platforms.

Updated on 12 July 2023
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