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Getting the Most Out of Your Pebbls Experience

This page gives you a few tips on how to get the most out of your Pebbls experience.

Add Descriptions for Greater Context

Journey Description

Before dropping your first Pebbl, give yourself time to set the scene with a Journey Description. Introduce yourself and the essence of your adventure to invite your followers into your world. This serves as the prologue to the story that your Pebbls journey will tell.

Leg Descriptions

Think of each leg as a chapter in your unfolding story. Add Leg Descriptions to introduce new settings, transitions, and objectives, enriching your audience’s experience as they follow along.

Tracking Your Journey

Why Track Your Journey?

The location tracking feature of Pebbls allows you to create the canvas on which you can tell your story. As you travel, your tracked path becomes a dynamic line on your journey map, giving your followers a visual representation of your adventure as it unfolds. As you see your path unfold on the map, you’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment and heightened excitement for the chapters yet to be written in your adventure.

While each Pebbl that you place tells a story about a moment, your tracked path stitches those moments into a cohesive, flowing narrative.

The Importance of Transport Types

Choosing your transport type is not just a fun detail; it gives context to the speed and style of your journey. If you’re cycling, the winding path and the distances you cover will be vastly different than if you’re going by train or trekking on foot. Changing the transport type as you travel adds granularity to your story, allowing your followers to experience the change in pace, scenery, and challenges that you face. Additionally, switching transport modes can signal a shift in your “adventure themes.” For example, transitioning from hiking to kayaking might take your story from a focus on terrestrial discoveries to aquatic experiences.

Tips for Effective Tracking and Transport Updating

  1. Timeliness is Key: For the most accurate storytelling, make it a habit to update your transport type as soon as you switch modes. Updating your transport type promptly ensures your followers can practically feel the change in speed and scenery as if they are right there with you.
  2. Use Pebbls for Transitions: When you switch your mode of transport, consider dropping a Pebbl. Describe why you switched, what you’re hoping to experience next, and how it changes your journey’s dynamics. For instance, you can share insights in this Pebbl about how switching from cycling to taking a train allows you to cover extreme terrain more quickly, setting the stage for a new set of adventures.

You can enable and disable location tracking, as well as set your mode of transport from the main screen in the Pebbls tracking app.

Adding Pebbls

Crafting a Rich Narrative

  • Strategic Pebbling: Unlike the Journey and Leg Descriptions that provide context, each Pebbl is a storytelling moment unto itself. Strategically place Pebbls to highlight key events, emotions, or discoveries, keeping your story engaging and dynamic.
  • Capture the Full Spectrum: The highs, the lows, and the tranquil moments—all contribute to your journey’s texture – the wider range of experiences that you share the more engaging your story will be.
  • Celebrate the Unexpected: Stumble upon a hidden waterfall? Meet a local artisan? Capture these serendipitous moments with a Pebbl.

Text and Icons

Pebbl Icons: The icon that you choose for your Pebbl should represent the essence of the moment. Whether it’s a campfire symbol for a night spent under the stars or a wildlife icon for an unexpected animal encounter, icons add an immediate visual cue to your journey’s events. To keep it interesting try to avoid using the same icon too often within a single leg.

Expressive Text: The text that accompanies each Pebbl is your voice in written form. Use descriptive language, personal reflections, or even quotes that encapsulate the feeling of that particular moment. This brings emotional depth to your journey and allows you to communicate more expressively.

The text and icons you choose for each Pebbl will help to add nuance and color to your narrative.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Adding media to your Pebbls offers a richer, multi-sensory experience, allowing followers to see, hear, and almost feel the atmospheres and emotions of your journey. Take time to capture the moment in a way that will be meaningful to you and to those who are following your adventures.

  • Photos for Depth: A well-timed photo can capture the essence of a moment, adding visual depth to your story. Whether it’s the vivid hues of a sunset or the fine details of an artifact, choose photos that best encapsulate the essence of the moment.
  • Videos for Dynamism: Videos add another layer of richness by capturing movement and sound, filling in where photos might fall short. From the crackling of your campfire to the excitement of a street festival, videos add a multidimensional aspect to your Pebbls.
  • Different Perspectives: One landscape can reveal multiple stories depending on your viewpoint. A bird’s-eye view might highlight the grandeur, while a ground-level shot reveals the details. For a more compelling narrative, experiment with angles that deviate from typical human perspectives.
  • Leverage Light: The soft, warm glow during the golden hours of dawn and dusk can turn your photos and videos into something magical. This natural lighting condition enhances colors and reduces harsh shadows, adding an ethereal quality to your Pebbls.
  • Time-Lapses and Slow Motion: Make use of your device’s advanced capabilities. A time-lapse of a rising sun or a slow-motion capture of a diving dolphin can be a captivating addition to your Pebbls, offering an alternative perception of time and movement.
  • Macro and Micro: Don’t just capture sweeping landscapes. Sometimes the beauty lies in the details—a dewdrop on a leaf, the texture of a rock, or the pattern of a fabric being sold from a market stall.

The Journey Is the Story

As you set out on your next adventure, remember that each Pebbl is a snapshot in time—a narrative detail that enriches your journey’s unfolding chapters. Make each one count, and let your story inspire us all. Happy adventuring!

Updated on 9 February 2024
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