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What is Pebbls?

The Short Answer

Pebbls is a journey tracking app for adventurers, focused on capturing, sharing, and celebrating the meaningful moments and connections you make along the way.

The Pebbls Ethos

At Pebbls, we believe that life is about experiences, and it is the path you take and the connections you nurture along the way – with both the natural world and the people you meet – that truly matter. Our platform is designed to help you capture the wonder and magic of your adventures and of these connections, allowing you to share your stories with loved ones at home and connect with other like-minded explorers.

Pebbls is not about tracking your physical activity or sharing your holiday selfies – there are other apps for that. We’re focused on allowing you to capture and tell your adventure story in a meaningful and inspiring way.

Where did the name Pebbls come from?

The name Pebbls is inspired by the fairy-tale of Hansel and Gretel, who left a trail of white pebbles in the forest to help them find their way back home. In the same spirit, Pebbls helps travellers to create a trail of their memories and experiences as they travel on their path, capturing the essence of adventure and wonder that makes each journey so unique and special.

How did Pebbls come to be?

Pebbls was created by Simon, who was inspired to develop the app while cycling from St Malo in France to Gibraltar with his wife Lucy on their honeymoon. Along the way, they encountered many interesting sights and experiences, but found it difficult to document and share them with family and friends back at home. They wanted a platform that would capture the essence of their journey and make it easy to share with others. In 2021, after a delay due to COVID, Simon and Lucy embarked on a longer, 6 month, cycle trip, from their home in Guernsey, to Georgia, to test out the Pebbls prototype.

Updated on 9 February 2024
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