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Placing a Pebbl

Placing a Pebbl creates a marker on your journey map to highlight important moments. It can contain an icon, photos, videos, and text to provide more information about your journey.

To place a Pebbl tap the red button at the bottom right of the main screen.

Icon & Title

When creating a new Pebbl, you will need to enter a title and select an icon to represent the moment you want to highlight. If you don’t provide any information, the default icon will be used, and the Pebbl title will be set to the current date and time.

New Pebbl Icon & Title screen
Icon Library Screen


You can add up to 5 media items to each of your Pebbls. You can add a mix of photos and videos.

You have the option to crop and rotate your images before importing them.

Journey Tracking - Pebbls Add Media Screen

From here you can either tap “Create Pebbl” to use the default options, or you can tap “Adjust Date & Location” to customize your Pebbl further.

Note & Time

Add a descriptive note to give details about the moment you are capturing. You can also optionally change the date and time for the Pebbl.

Pebbls note and time options


Once your GPS position has been established, the map will be visible, allowing you to fine-tune the location of your Pebbl using the “Adjust Location” button.

You can mask the location of your Pebbl for privacy. This conceals the precise location of your Pebbl when viewed on your public map.

New Pebbl location options

Updated on 9 July 2024
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