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Changelog – Tracking App


On this page we’ll keep you updated with new features, bug fixes, and other changes that we make to the Pebbls Tracking App.

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Version History

Version 2.0.x

2.0.0 – December 18 2023

Pebbls Tracking App 2.0 Has Arrived! 🎉

After listening to your valuable input we’re thrilled to roll out a significant update for Pebbls Tracking App on both Android and iOS. Experience the transformation with the new, map-centric interface and fresh features, all designed to enhance your experience of creating and sharing your journey.

It’s not practical to outline all of the many enhancements here, but the highlight is the revamped primary interface. Now focused around an intuitive map view, it promises a more seamless and user-friendly adventure tracking experience. Plus, expect a suite of improvements across the app’s layout and performance.

Version 1.10.x

1.10.10 – November 18 2023

  • Improved media uploads when app is in background.
  • Minor layout updates.

1.10.8 – November 16 2023

  • Bug fix – issue that prevented some users from viewing explorer information.
  • Bug fix – fixed layout issue when adding media to a Pebbl on tablet devices.

1.10.7 – October 17 2023

  • Bug fix on “Browse Pebbls” screen where some devices were displaying the map when trying to view an image.

1.10.6 – October 6 2023

  • Notification if creating Pebbl without adding any content.
  • Reinstated notice on map screen after syncing.
  • Updated wording on screens for new journeys and legs.

1.10.5 – September 26 2023

  • Redesigned UI for the “Browse Pebbls” screen.
  • Solved issue of images occasionally getting stuck in the upload queue.
  • Introduced an “Embed Code” button to the Journey Edit screen.
  • Fixed issue with viewing videos from within “Browse Pebbls” and “Map Viewer” screens.

1.10.3 & 1.10.4 – September 20 2023

  • Corrected camera launch issue on certain devices.
  • Revamped “Browse Pebbls” screen to integrate new site features and optimize screen space.
  • Fixed missing icons on specific screen sizes for editing Pebbls of previous legs.
  • Fixed bug on “Browse Pebbls” screen that could cause app to freeze.

1.10.2 – September 17 2023

  • Updated video preview images to use edge servers.
  • Minor bug fixes related to media display.

1.10.0 & 1.10.1 – September 16 2023

  • Introduced new media pipeline and edge infrastructure.
  • Resolved issue preventing loading of previous journeys on some devices.
  • Made minor layout and wording updates.

Version 1.9.x

1.9.5 & 1.9.6 – September 8 2023

  • Introduced “Tips for Getting Started” at the beginning of a new leg.
  • Reorganized new leg flow to display current transport type before starting.
  • Included “Settings” and “Current Transport” labels on the main screen.
  • Added icons to start/end leg markers on the main screen.

1.9.4 – September 7 2023

  • Bug fix where tracking icon was causing crash on some devices.
  • Updated Pebbls homepage on “Browse Pebbls” screen.

1.9.3 – September 4 2023

  • Rectified time display issue for new Pebbls screen when current timezone is different to timezone to leg start.
  • Fixed bug where help guide videos weren’t displaying on some devices.
  • Updates to journey sharing capabilities.

1.9.2 – September 1 2023

  • Added “Copy Journey Link” buttons

1.9.1 – August 30 2023

  • Updated main screen: “New Leg” and “Journey” buttons replace context menu.
  • Included journey sharing button on journey screen.
  • Added location tracking notification icon.
  • Enhanced leg creation process.

1.9.0 – August 27 2023

  • Replaced “Journey Details” button with new main screen context menu.
  • Resolved brief appearance of main Pebbls button on unintended screens.
  • Introduced browsing bar to “Browse Pebbls” (formerly “Explore Pebbls”) screen.
  • Added fast-track route for leg creation.

Version 1.8.x

1.8.7 – August 27 2023

  • Rectified help screen layout issue.
  • Eliminated “Edit Pebbls” button from “Journey Details” section of current leg (Pebbl editing remains on main screen).
  • Included “Edit” button in Pebbls list on main screen.
  • Addressed GPS track editor bug.

1.8.5 & 1.8.6 – August 25 2023

  • Resolved issue preventing some Android users from filming videos within the app.
  • Improved cache refresh when viewing journey map from within app.
  • Re-introduced logging for troubleshooting issues.
  • Added canon Pebbl icon.

1.8.4 – August 24 2023

  • Simplified interface for adding media items to Pebbls.
  • Enhanced map view data efficiency.
  • Resolved background data usage bug for some users.

1.8.3 – August 22 2023

  • Fixed image display issue with existing Pebbls.
  • Enhanced stability for unsynced media display.

1.8.2 – August 22 2023

  • Fixed app crash on launch caused by configuration update. (Android)
  • Improved scrolling in text-box input fields for better handling of large text entries. (iOS)

1.8.0 & 1.8.1 – August 21 2023

  • Upgrade to application framework.
  • Upload sizes shown on sync screen.
  • Added notification when closing new Pebbl screen without saving.

Version 1.7.x

1.7.15 – August 20 2023

  • Removed debug logging.
  • Added “microlight” and “boat trailer” transport types.

1.7.13 & 1.7.14 – July 25 2023

  • Added ability to update Pebbl timezone from Pebbl edit screen.
  • Minor bug fixes.

1.7.12 (iOS) – July 24 2023

  • Fixed bug where scrollbar appears in wrong places for some screens for some iOS 16 users.
  • Minor bug fixes.

1.7.11 – July 17 2023

  • Fixed bug that gave incorrect character length restriction for new Pebbls.
  • Fixed bug where image upload count was showing incorrect number.
  • Fixed bug where “Cancel Upload” button was showing during GPS data sync.

1.7.9 / 1.7.10 – July 10 2023

  • Updates to image upload system.
  • Improved logs for sync processes.
  • New notification icon for Android devices.
  • Added “Cancel Upload” functionality to sync screen.
  • Improved image upload timeout calculation based on file size.

1.7.8 – July 8 2023

  • Optimized file upload process for increased efficiency and stability by refining upload logic and eliminating redundant operations.

1.7.7 – July 7 2023

  • Various layout updates and bug fixes.

1.7.6 – July 6 2023

  • Increased image upload timeout limit for better experience on slower network connections.

1.7.3 – 1.7.5 – July 5 2023

  • New “End Journey” screen.
  • Various layout updates and bug fixes.
  • Fixed bug where images in new Pebbl weren’t always saving correctly.

1.7.2 – July 4 2023

  • Enhanced image and location upload compatibility for older devices.
  • Optimized Pebbl saving process to minimize server requests.
  • Introduced “End Journey” process.
  • New features in GPS track editor: “undo” and “delete segment”.

1.7.1 – June 29 2023

  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash on certain devices when saving Pebbl.

1.7.0 – June 28 2023

  • Performance Improvements: Optimized app code for better performance and feature enhancements.
  • Pebbl Edit Upgrade: Adjust date and time directly on the Pebbl edit screen.
  • Layout and Bug Fixes: Updated layouts and squashed various bugs for a smoother user experience.

Version 1.6.x

1.6.3 – June 22 2023

  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • Added new Pebbl icons.

1.6.2 – June 20 2023

  • Added new Pebbl icons: sparrow, hummingbird, canal, canalboat, and water-wheel.
  • Introduced a new transport type: canalboat.
  • Updated the default Pebbl icon to be the current transport type.
  • Resolved various minor bugs.
  • Improved location acquisition for new Pebbls.

1.6.1 – June 19 2023

  • Improved logging for troubleshooting.

1.6.0 – June 19 2023

  • Improved image upload compression for faster uploads.
  • Image and location uploads now going to edge servers for faster uploads and lower latency.
  • Revamped tracking logic for better performance and reliability.
  • Enhanced storage of user preferences between app launches.
  • Upgraded push token registration process.
  • Implemented layout refinements.
  • Resolved bugs and improved performance.
  • Added a button to copy journey URL on the leg screen.

Version 1.5.x

1.5.4 – June 15 2023

  • Enhancement: Incorporated image compression feature prior to uploading to optimize performance.

1.5.3 – June 13 2023

  • Update to activity detection for improved tracking accuracy.

1.5.2 – June 11 2023

  • Enhancement: Implemented optimizations to enhance the overall upload speed of images, resulting in a significantly improved performance.

1.5.1 – June 10 2023

  • Bug Fix: Resolved an issue where the app occasionally failed to detect an internet connection accurately.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug causing the same Pebbl to appear multiple times on the main screen.
  • Bug Fix: Addressed an issue where the icon on the location map within the Pebbl editor screen did not update consistently when the icon was changed.
  • Update: Added “whale shark” and “orca” Pebbl icons.

1.5.0 – June 8 2023

  • Enhancement: Implemented a revamped login flow for improved performance and reliability.
  • Bug Fixes: Addressed various minor bugs and improved overall layout for a smoother app usage.

Version 1.4.x

1.4.11 – June 6 2023

  • Update: Added notification to remind users to add a profile photo and update profile details.
  • Update: Added “Transport Interests” section to “My Account” screen.
  • Update: Added “About Me” section to “My Account” screen.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue causing app to relaunch for some users on login.

1.4.10 – June 4 2023

  • Bug fix: Where some Pebbl data was lost after editing the description and then adding a new image without saving first.
  • Bug fix: Where app would occasionally crash when a Pebbl containing a media item was deleted after having been edited at least once.
  • Bug fix: Where some media items were not removed from upload queue if Pebbl was deleted before being synced.
  • Update: Improved process for registering push notification token.

1.4.9 – June 3 2023

  • Bug fix: Keyboard was covering text input on media caption field on some devices.
  • Bug fix: Pebbl text was not being lost if it was edited and not saved before editing media caption.
  • Update: Update to Strava authentication process.

1.4.8 – June 2 2023

  • New Feature: You can now add your legs to Strava or download as a GPX file from the leg details screen.

1.4.7 – June 1 2023

  • Bug fix: Where Pebbl position would be reported as null if reposition map was opened and saved without a position change.
  • Update: Further improvements to stability with Pebbl edit process.

1.4.6 – May 31 2023

  • Bug fix: App was occasionally crashing on login if user had pending notifications.
  • Minor styling updates.
  • Removed notification audio.
  • Added Pebbl mask information text to Pebbl edit screen.
  • Added further details to permissions screen.

1.4.5 – May 30 2023

  • Bug fix: Further tweaks to Pebbl saving/versioning process.
  • Update: Leg GPS track shown on Pebbl location adjustment maps.
  • Update: Small map shown instead of “Adjust Location” button on Pebbl edit screen.
  • Update: Sync Screen now accessible for users who don’t yet have any existing journeys.
  • Update: Minor layout update to leg editing screen

1.4.3 (Android) / 1.4.4 (iOS) – May 29 2023

  • Bug fix: iOS app update notification was generating an invalid App Store URL.
  • Bug fix: Leg editor video uploads weren’t working correctly on some iOS devices.
  • Various minor wording and layout updates.
  • Update to conditions when “Leg Editor” is accessible.
  • Added support guide link (https://guide.pebbls.com/knowledge-base/permissions/#accidentally-denied-permissions) to alert messages when a user tries to grant a device permission that has previously been denied.

1.4.2 – May 26 2023

  • Bug fix: App new version notification incorrectly showing in certain circumstances even when latest version installed.
  • Bug fix: Pebbl text not showing for some devices under certain circumstances.

1.4.0 – May 23 2023

  • New feature: GPS track editor for legs.
  • New feature: App update message on settings screen when new version available.
  • Bug fix: Where Pebbl text was being lost after incomplete sync.
  • Bug fix: Where some existing Pebbls were not displaying on the main screen after new Pebbl added.
  • Feature update: Removed the “Use as Waypoint” option from Pebbls to reduce complexity. GPS track editor can be used to achieve this instead.

Version 1.3.x

1.3.9 – May 17, 2023

  • Bug fix where Pebbl information was sometimes lost if a new Pebbl was edited before being synced.
  • Bug fix remove media item from upload queue if file can’t be located.
  • Bug fix where wrong leg title was displayed in title bar while editing previous legs.

1.3.7 – May 14, 2023

  • Password no longer required to access a password protected journey that belongs to you.
  • Added in-app notification to inform user when a new version of the app is available.
  • New feature to enable users to edit, create, and delete Pebbls for previous legs of the current journey.

1.3.6 – May 7, 2023

  • Bug fix where occasionally tracking wasn’t triggered correctly if device was locked immediately after starting tracking.

1.3.5 – May 2, 2023

  • Fix bug where new Pebbls created after app relaunch were being assigned wrong transport type.
  • Minor Pebbl icon updates.
  • Increased location upload batch size to improve sync performance.
  • Fix bug where deleted image requests were not being deleted when completed. (iOS)

1.3.3 – Apr 26, 2023

  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.3.2 where under certain conditions the data sync process would become stuck after saving an update to a leg or pebbl.

1.3.2 – Apr 25, 2023

  • Update to live location settings.

1.3.1 – Apr 25, 2023

  • Update to Live Location configuration interface.
  • Update to Pebbl icon set.
  • Option to skip permissions screen once location permissions have been granted.

1.3.0 – Apr 25, 2023

  • Fix missing Pebbl icon
  • Fix bug where Pebbl / Leg data could be lost if saving an edit while sync process is running.
  • Fix bug where some iOS images were being processed using the wrong format.

Version 1.2.x

1.2.9 – Apr 21, 2023

  • New transport & pebbls icons.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

1.2.8 – Apr 15, 2023

  • 1 week free trial for new Explorer Members.
  • Update to map caching system.
  • Prevent enabling end of leg location mask if live tracking is enabled.
  • Prevent enabling live location tracking if end of leg location mask is enabled.

1.2.7 – Apr 11, 2023

  • Improved back button handling on login screen.
  • Fixed bug where some users experienced delay when switching to an existing journey.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

1.2.6 – Apr 6, 2023

  • Refresh of profile after uploading new profile photo.
  • Redesign of login screen.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

1.2.5 – Apr 5, 2023

  • Resolved issue causing “Edit Details” button on account screen to malfunction.
  • Corrected profile photo upload resolution issue that was causing images to appear blurry.
  • Updated wording on subscription screen.
  • Changed inbox behaviour when user has no messages – goes direct to inbox instead of compose screen.
  • Implemented menu/account functionality from “New Journey”, “New Leg”, and “End Leg” screens (previously only available during an active journey).

1.2.4 – Apr 4, 2023

  • Added “Browse Pebbls” main menu item.
  • Fixed font sizing issue.
  • Added “This app is for tracking your journeys.” wording to login screen.

1.2.3 – Apr 1, 2023

  • Added account activation email request function for newly registered users.

1.2.2 – Mar 27, 2023

  • Updated Terms of Service & Privacy links.
  • Added in-app registration screen.
  • Added account deletion button.
  • Updated permissions wording.
  • Added user guide screen.
  • Various bug fixes.

1.2.0 – Mar 17, 2023

  • Initial production release.
Updated on 18 December 2023
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