• What is Pebbls?

    Pebbls is a journey tracking app designed for adventurers. It focuses on capturing, sharing, and celebrating meaningful moments and connections during your travels​.

  • How can I edit or delete a Pebbl?

    To edit or delete a Pebbl, tap on the Pebbl you want to modify, then select the appropriate option from the menu. You can change the icon, title, media, notes, and location as needed​.

  • How can I add and manage media in my Pebbls?

    You can add up to five media items (photos and videos) to each Pebbl. The app allows you to crop, rotate, and adjust your media before adding them. This helps create a richer experience for your followers​.

  • What are Pebbls, and how do I add them to my journey?x§

    Pebbls are markers that highlight important moments on your journey map. Each Pebbl can contain an icon, photos, videos, and descriptive note. To place a Pebbl, tap the red button on the main screen, enter a title, select an icon, and add any media or notes you want to include​.

  • Can I switch transport types during my journey?

    Yes, you can switch transport types to reflect changes in your journey. This adds context to your journey’s speed and style, enhancing the storytelling aspect of your adventure​.

  • How can I ensure accurate GPS tracking?

    For the best GPS signal, ensure your device has a clear view of the sky. Avoid placing it in obstructed areas such as inside metal-covered spaces. Specific tips for different transport modes (walking, cycling, driving, etc.) are available to optimize GPS accuracy.

  • How do I track my journey using Pebbls?

    Activate and deactivate journey tracking using the toggle switch on the main screen. Pebbls offers two tracking modes; Standard Tracking and Live Tracking – both of which track with the same accuracy. . Standard Tracking updates periodically, while Live Tracking provides real-time updates (available with Explorer Membership)​.

  • What are the basic features of the Pebbls app?

    The Pebbls app allows you to track your journey, add Pebbls to highlight important moments, and share your adventures with others. Key features include journey tracking, adding media to Pebbls, and selecting transport types​.

  • How do I get started with Pebbls?

    Download the Pebbls app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Create an account, set up your profile, and begin tracking your journeys. Detailed guides are available to help you start your first journey, add Pebbls, and manage tracking settings.